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An Empowered Community To Support Your Health and Healing

About Synergy Medicine

Synergy Medicine is a community founded by Greg Schmaus and Dr. AnnaLisa Pastore MD.  Dr. Pastore is a Holistic and Integrative Medicine Physician and founder of CHI Medicine.  Greg Schmaus is a Holistic Health and Energy Medicine Practitioner and founder of Healing4D.  Greg and Dr. Pastore are working in synergy to provide you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to support your healing and highest evolution.

Why Join Our Community?

By joining The Synergy Medicine Community, you gain access to:

✅ Weekly content including articles, teaching videos, and recordings from Greg, Dr. Pastore, and leading experts in the health industry

✅ Weekly coaching and Q&A calls with Greg and Dr. Pastore

✅ Monthly workshops and webinars with Greg, Dr. Pastore and Synergy Medicine partners

✅ One on One Coaching with Greg and Dr. Pastore

We Are Excited to Connect With You!

Thank you for taking the time to truly invest in your health, healing, and evolution.  When you heal yourself you become a healing force for everyone you come into contact with.  We all need a sense of community and belonging with likeminded individuals and those on a similar healing path.  We look forward to serving your highest evolution.